Our Vision

Our Vision

LynX Management Group was established to provide management services to medical professionals in the ever-changing healthcare industry. LynX offers a wide spectrum of services, including but not limited to, business planning & design, staffing, billing, financial services, collections and management information system. We strive to provide our clients with a sound basis for making important practice management decisions to help them reach their maximum level of success.
The result of our vision leads to the success of medical practices and/or centers that reach optimal levels of financial performance, while simultaneously increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of business operations. The LynX Team is comprised of individuals with extensive expertise in the healthcare industry. Our objective is to optimize a practice’s business process by lowering healthcare costs and generating more profit, while simultaneously improving patient services and experiences. Our approach combines an in-depth understanding of the problems, solutions, and opportunities in the industry with a technical expertise in management, economics, demographics, statistics and finance.
Business Objective

Business Objective

Our business objective at LynX is to provide specialized, comprehensive management resources for physicians in private practice and for related healthcare organizations. We assist in all aspects of development, from the initial concept to the commencement of the practice, as well as facilitate in creating a partnership structure compliant with State and Federal Regulations. The LynX Team is prepared to assume control of the daily operations of any medical practice.
Our goal is to capture lost revenue, increase productivity, improve the revenue cycle process, and streamline patient flow. Our team will carefully evaluate the needs of the practice as well as the requests of ownership in order to accurately determine a course of action for our client. We offer a variety of services to maximize our client’s return on their investment in his or her practice.


LynX strategically outlines a plan for each individual client; based on the practice or center’s needs, we perform continuous and extensive evaluations of the practice’s business, operational, and medical performance to then identify the most optimal programs to implement for the client. Our carefully constructed management process reduces costs and ensures efficiency through analysis and identification of the most optimal programs to implement universally.
The process begins with LynX working directly with the Physician to develop a strategic plan specifically designed to maximize and advance his or her unique practice. The implementation of the unique strategic plan is then presented at an operational level where LynX’s expert team educates and trains staff for efficient patient services. With our extensive knowledge in the healthcare industry, the LynX team will constantly monitor trends and changes in the industry and adjust the center and/or practice accordingly.

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