LynX Management Group will provide billing services for all fees payable to the Medical Provider for services, equipment, devices, and supplies owed to the Provider.Read More
LynX will provide collections services for all your medical claims in the name of the Medical Provider from patients, insurance companies and all other Payors.Read More
In exchange for an assignment and transfer of security interest of certain New York and New Jersey No-Fault Claims, Workers Compensation Claims, Lien liability Matters..Read More
LynX provides various services related to facility maintenance. LynX will incur all expenses reasonable and necessary for the Medical Provider to operate.Read More
LynX Management Group will provide various financial and accounting services including: bookkeeping, preparing financial and management reports.Read More
The LynX Management Group will take on various administrative services to allow the physician the ability to focus strictly on patient care.Read More
LynX Management Group will provide for all of the software, and hardware for the information systems utilized for the operation of the Medical Provider’s Practice.Read More
LynX Management Group will evaluate and discuss the needs and requirements of each individual practice and recommend the best means of achieving those ends.Read More

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