In exchange for an assignment and transfer of security interest of certain New York and New Jersey No-Fault Claims, Workers Compensation Claims, Lien liability Matters, and Private Insurance Carrier Matters, LynX Management Group will, within five business days, remit to Provider an amount equal to Thirty percent (30%) of the lesser of either the NY-No Fault Fee Schedule Rates or any and all Managed Care Contract Rates binding on the Medical Provider with respect to all Eligible No-Fault Receivables.

After LynX pays the Provider the upfront Thirty (30%) Percent Fee, LynX will withdraw and retain from all amounts collected or otherwise received on account, up to the first nine (9%) percent, which represents LynX’s cost allocation. LynX shall next withdraw and retain from all amounts collected up to forty-five (45%) Percent. The remaining balance will be split with LynX retaining twenty (20%) percent and the medical provider retaining eighty (80%) percent.

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